The Love Story Behind Andy Cohen: Getting to Know His Husband and Their Journey Together


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Andy Cohen is a television personality, host, and producer best known for his work on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and the “Real Housewives” franchise.

The Emmy-award winning star has captured the hearts of many fans, but one of the biggest questions surrounding him is: Who is Andy Cohen’s husband?

While Cohen has yet to tie the knot, he has had a few long-term relationships. His last relationship was with Harvard lawyer Clifton Dassuncao, whom he dated from 2015–2019.

Who is Andy Cohen’s Husband

At this time, Andy Cohen does not have a husband. While he has been in a few long-term relationships, he has yet to tie the knot. His last relationship was with Harvard lawyer Clifton Dassuncao, whom he dated from 2015–2019.

The couple had a lot of chemistry and were often seen together at events and on social media. However, after four years together, they called it quits in 2019.

As of now, Cohen is single and enjoying his time as a bachelor. He is often seen out and about with friends, speaks at events, and regularly posts on social media.

He also continues to work on Bravo shows like “Watch What Happens Live” and “Real Housewives.” With no signs of slowing down, it’s likely that Andy Cohen will remain single for now.

Andy Cohen is a household name in the entertainment industry, having worked as a host, producer, and television personality. He is best known for his work on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and the “Real Housewives” franchise. Since its launch in 2009, “Watch What Happens Live” has become one of the most popular talk shows on television. His influence on the show has earned him an Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Program in 2013.

Andy Cohen’s husband and his significance in Cohen’s life

Andy Cohen’s husband has been a topic of much speculation over the years as fans wonder who may be the lucky one to eventually tie the knot with him. While Cohen has yet to settle down, he did have a long-term relationship with Harvard lawyer Clifton Dassuncao from 2015–2019. The couple had an undeniable chemistry and were often seen together on social media and at events. Despite their strong bond, the two decided to part ways in 2019 after four years together. As of now, Cohen is single and enjoying his life as a bachelor.

The Early Life of Andy Cohen’s Husband

Andy Cohen’s last partner was Harvard lawyer Clifton Dassuncao, who he dated from 2015–2019. Dassuncao is an American attorney and environmental scientist from Massachusetts. He attended Harvard University, where he received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy. He then went on to graduate from Harvard Law School in 2012. At the time of their relationship, Dass uncao was 32 years old.

Details about his childhood, family, and upbringing

Clifton Dassuncao was born and raised in Massachusetts. He is the son of Brazilian immigrants and grew up with his two older brothers in a tight-knit family. From a young age, Dassuncao was encouraged to excel academically. His parents instilled the importance of education into him and he went on to attend Harvard University for both his undergraduate and law degrees.


Before meeting Andy Cohen, Clifton Dassuncao had made a name for himself in the legal and environmental science communities. After graduating from Harvard Law School, he focused his studies on environmental law and policy.

He was involved in several research projects both domestically and internationally, studying climate change impacts and solutions. In addition to his work as an attorney, Dassuncao was also actively involved in his local community. He volunteered with a number of organizations to advocate for sustainability and social justice initiatives.

Love Story: How Andy Cohen and His Husband Met

Andy Cohen and Clifton Dassuncao first crossed paths in 2015. The two were introduced at a mutual friend’s party and instantly hit it off. They exchanged numbers and made plans to go on their first date, which was a museum visit followed by dinner. Their relationship grew from there, with the couple often seen out and about together at events or posting pictures of each other on social media.


Andy Cohen and Clifton Dassuncao shared an undeniable connection from the moment they met. During their date at the museum, the couple was so engrossed in conversation that they barely noticed time passing by. On their way out, they showed up to find that the museum had already closed and had to frantically search for a way back in (which they eventually did!). This spontaneous moment of adventure is what many believe to be the beginning of their strong bond.

Journey from dating to marriage

Andy Cohen and Clifton Dassuncao’s relationship was one of fun, adventure, and companionship. The couple enjoyed frequent date nights, often visiting museums or attending events together. They also traveled to many different places around the globe to explore new cultures and deepen their bond. Despite their strong connection, they never made it down the aisle and eventually parted ways in 2019 after four years together .

Andy Cohen’s Husband: Personal Life and Interests

Clifton Dassuncao had a wide variety of interests and hobbies. He was an avid traveler, often using his vacations to explore the world and gain new experiences. He also enjoyed outdoor activities such as biking, running, and hiking. Clifton was passionate about environmental causes and was actively involved in sustainability initiatives both locally and internationally. Additionally, he had a love for music, frequently attending concerts and music festivals.

Clifton Dassuncao had an impressive career in the legal and environmental science fields. After graduating from Harvard Law School, he worked for several law firms as an attorney specializing in environmental law. He was involved in numerous research projects focused on climate change impacts and solutions, and also volunteered with organizations to advocate for sustainability initiatives. He was highly respected by his peers due to his knowledge of environmental law and policy.

Any philanthropic endeavors or community involvement

Clifton Dassuncao was an advocate for social justice and sustainability initiatives. He was actively involved in his local community, volunteering with organizations to raise awareness about environmental issues. In addition, he supported a number of charities such as the World Wildlife Fund and the National Park Foundation. He also organized fundraisers to benefit causes such as climate change mitigation efforts and poverty alleviation programs. Cl ifton was a passionate supporter of these causes and worked hard to make a difference in the lives of those around him.

The Impact of Andy Cohen’s Husband on Andy’s Life and Career

Andy Cohen’s husband, Clifton Dassuncao, had an undeniable impact on Andy’s personal and professional life. Not only did the two develop a strong bond and share many adventures together, but Clifton also encouraged Andy to pursue his passions and strive for success. He supported Andy in his career as a television host and producer, helping him navigate the industry and offering advice along the way. Clifton also had a positive influence on Andy’s activism and philanthropic endeavors, providing insight and assistance when needed. Overall, it is clear that Clifton’s presence in Andy’s life has been invaluable.

Andy Cohen and Clifton Dassuncao’s relationship has been featured in various forms of media, including television, magazines, and social media. In 2017, Andy appeared on the Bravo show Watch What Happens Live and discussed his relationship with Clifton in an interview with Anderson Cooper. Additionally, the couple was featured in print articles by various magazines such as People Magazine and Us Weekly.

Reflection on the importance of their partnership and its significance in Cohen’s journey

The partnership between Andy Cohen and Clifton Dassuncao was a truly special one. The couple shared a deep love for each other that was evident in all aspects of their lives. Not only did they enjoy traveling the world together, but they also supported each other in their individual pursuits. Clifton’s unwavering support and guidance allowed Andy to achieve success in his career and activism. He was a source of love and inspiration throughout their relationship, and his impact on Andy’s life is undeniable.


Andy Cohen has yet to tie the knot with his partner, but their relationship shows no signs of slowing down. From their first encounter in 2015 to their current partnership, Andy and his husband have enjoyed a strong bond that has been an inspirational source for many fans across the world. Whether it’s through his work in television or their philanthropic endeavors together, Andy and his husband continue to show us that true love is always worth fighting for.


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