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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
All the peaks you see on Kuari Pass Pangarchula Trek

All the peaks you see on Kuari Pass Pangarchula Trek

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Tue, Jul 20, 21, 06:54, 7 Months ago
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Kuari Pass is more than just a winter hike.

Of course, you can enjoy snow and snowman. During this hike, you can also see the many star attractions of Garhwal Ranges, which are popular with climbers. The best part is that these peaks began to show up on the first day.

 So, +1 to Kuari pass! Chapter

 Know Rushmore in South Dakota, USA? This is Ollie's sight. (Well! Not exactly, but almost) The feeling of being surrounded by these mountains is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words.

 Or maybe there is a word. brilliant!  is for reference only, you can get a 360-degree panoramic view of all these peaks from Pangarchulla Peak. So in general, Kuari Pass Pangarchulla Trek has a high return on investment.

 Here are all the peaks you will see on the Kuari Pass Trek:

 Mt. Dronagiri / Dunagiri (7,066m)

 This peak is the beginning of the show. You will see the mountains. When reaching Joshimath, Dunagiri hid behind the mountain peak. You will not see your own view until the last day of the hike, so this is also a show.

 initiated many medical expeditions for Dronagiri, looking for the panacea "Sanjeevani Herb". Although the mountain expedition was a success, we still had no luck to find the grass.

 According to legend, the entire mountain taken by Lord Hanuman for Sanjiwani Herb is part of this giant mountain. There is even a small town called Dronagiri in Uttarakhand, located at an altitude of 11,800 feet, where people still do not worship Lord Hanuman, as my local guide, Deb Baia said. They are angry at Hanuman's destruction of their holy mountain.

 Nanda Devi (7,816 m)

 You are lucky, because on the first day at Kuari, you will clearly see the second highest peak in India. Ollie begins your hiking trip. The

 Kuari Pass trek runs parallel to the Nanda Devi Wildlife Sanctuary, so you will see it most of the hike. But it is forbidden to float a short distance because it is closed to civilians. The shape of peak makes it stand out from all other peaks. The beautiful carved shapes and steep slopes make it one of the most difficult places to climb.

 HathiGhori Parbat (6,727 m and 6,708 m respectively)

 The two adjacent peaks are not difficult to identify due to their strange shapes. The strange person in our circle of friends, when you meet her among other people, these are these peaks. Haha!

 The most photogenic view of these peaks is at Khullara Camp, where the duo stand tall and straight. If you start hiking from Orly, that will be the first place you will see them.

 Chaukhamba (7,138m)

 When the sky is clear, it is hard to miss this huge plot in Gelghad camp. In the morning, the land was shining brightly in the sun. The scenery will make you breathtaking.

 The Chaukhamba mountain range is a group of four peaks, the first being the highest (7,138 meters). It is part of the Gangotri Group of the Garhwal Himalaya and was successfully climbed for the first time in 1952.

 Neelkanth (6,597 m)

 Chaukhamba Massif Next to one of the gods of the most respected mountain in Hinduism, Neelkanth. The Satopanth Glacier is located on the northwest side of the mountain. After many failed attempts, he reached the summit for the first time in 1974.

 If you believe Hindu legends, there is no mountain where it is today. One route will connect Kedarnath and Badrinath. But due to the sin of a priest who worshiped these two temples in one day, Lord Shiva was furious and erected a dizzying mountain between Badrinath and Kedarnate.

 When you do a panoramic exploration on the way to Pangarchulla, you can also see views of Kamet, Mana, Mandir, Barmatia, Lampak I and II. When the weather is nice, you will feel lucky to witness such a spectacular sight with your own eyes.

 All the peaks you see on the Kuari Pangarchula Trek pass

 You can also see Mount Trishul (7,120 m) and Nandaghunti (6,309 m) passing Pangarchulla on the way. Although the scenery may not be as good as what you see on the Roopkund Trek.

 All the peaks you see in the Kuari Pangarchula Trek pass  Is it nice to be with the 6000 and 7000 people? You are really proud of the Indian Himalayas with many beautiful peaks.


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