Advantages of Wearing Silver Jewelry for Health

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Humans have been looking for gemstones and minerals with therapeutic powers since ancient times. A simple Google search will turn up countless findings on the health advantages of silver, gold, and other precious metals. It’s not hard to locate jewelry claiming magical properties, whether it’s for fun like mood rings, or for protection like an amulet.

At any swap meet or jewelry market, you’ll discover sellers advertising stones that will apparently improve your life due to their medicinal abilities. From Native American turquoise to alchemical miracles, there’s a long history of belief systems tangled up in the healing abilities of stones and metals.

Royals Historically Donned Crowns Adorned With Precious Stones as Talismans Against Bad Luck

So, does any piece of jewelry actually have any advantages? Although there is a lack of definitive research on the subject, there is evidence that wearing silver jewelry can have positive effects on your health.

Sterling silver has now eclipsed gold in its appeal as a metal base for jewelry due to a combination of price, value, and aesthetics. However, its advantages go far beyond merely cost and appearance.

So, Why Exactly is Silver Jewelry So Beneficial?

As a metal, silver has tremendous health benefits that have been used throughout civilizations for centuries. The effectiveness of silver as a potent antibacterial agent in preventing infections, treating wounds, and more has been demonstrated.

Silver also assists with internal heat regulation and circulation. Silver’s natural characteristics may counteract electrical disruptions from the outside world, boost circulation and total body temperature balance, and aid in the maintenance of cleanliness and immunity, leading many to report more energy and a more stable mood after wearing it.

Silver has a strong tradition in antibiotics and sterilization, with many women and men wearing silver jewelry to stave off cold/flu symptoms, infection, and any other bacterium, virus, etc. One of the benefits to human health is why so many industries use silver to create tools and medical equipment.

It has been hypothesized that silver aids in bone growth and healing, as well as skincare and repair because it helps maintain our blood vessels supple.

Finally, silver has a directly palpable benefit in helping us to avoid potentially harmful compounds – as a metal, silver reacts and changes color when it encounters many other chemicals that are known hazards.

For instance, if your silver jewelry turns blue after you wear it for too long, this could suggest the existence of excessive levels of salt in your body. Seeing a blue-silver necklace might prompt you to limit your intake of salty foods.

Some people even go beyond jewelry to experience the health advantages of silver. Some people use silver-lined gloves when typing on a laptop or silver-lined sleep masks to prevent electrical signals from reaching the brain while they sleep.

So that individuals might get the health benefits of silver on a daily basis, several designers have begun toying with the idea of putting this valuable metal into clothing materials.

Why Silver Is So Cool

Silver’s health benefits come from its electrical and thermal conductivity, which may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo to some.

The positive charge of silver ions generates a conductive field that deflects electromagnetic waves away from the body, which in turn increases the body’s own conductivity and benefits blood flow, core temperature regulation, and overall health.

One mechanism by which silver defends against sickness and infection is that its positively charged ions bind to the oxygen negatively receptors on bacteria.

Those who don’t believe that wearing a certain kind of silver ring will help ease the symptoms of arthritis in the hands should think about the research out of the University of Southampton.


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