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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
9 Essential Features of a Health Website with Examples

9 Essential Features of a Health Website with Examples

Sat, Aug 21, 21, 04:15, 6 Months ago
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9 Essential Features of a Health Website with Examples


Recent data studies show that 80% of all internet-uses avail the digital facility to search for medical and health-related information. People are instantly prompted to perform a quick search inquiring about a particular disease's nature even before they book a doctor's appointment. Health is one of the key factors responsible for driving the maximum amount of activity on the internet.


In this digital era, your health website is thus a singularly important marketing tool at your disposal. Leave no stones unturned in designing a website containing all the important features necessary to reach out to a large user-base and convert potential customers. With the assistance of a professional Website Design Company, you will be able to tap onto your audience's needs and market your services extensively to receive better results than traditional modes of marketing would have yielded.


Whether you are looking to build a site from scratch or modifying your existing project, consider these five tips to help you flourish your business and convert prospective clients.

  • Know your Aim

Your health app can meet a variety of ends. Whether you aim to develop an app to enable video conferencing with a healthcare specialist or intend to use it for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), make sure you know exactly how you wish to organize your app. A health app can simply be a health tracker app that records your progress vis-a-vis a certain health aspect, such as menstruation tracker apps, or it can incorporate a host of other features by integrating it to healthcare providers.


Each needs to be organized in a specialized fashion for maximum user traffic. Inform your customers about your services, products, and facilities in a concise manner. Consult a Web Development Company that can guide you through the process and help boost business.

  • Simple and Predictable Navigation

Simple and predictable navigation should be a key feature of a health website. Phone numbers could be positioned in the top right corner, and a clearly visible logo should be distinctly placed in the top left corner. Clear Calls-to-action could be placed in a foot bar or header so that customers feel inclined to avail of your services beyond the website's domain. A menu option displaying all subsequent web pages should be prominently visible to the viewer to not have to scramble for information.


  • Present your Content in a Credible Manner

Your health website will produce an immense opportunity for flourishing your business as surveys show that 1 in every 20 google searches are health-related. To get high search rankings, your content should be written in a manner that addresses your viewers' specific queries. Make sure your information is presented concisely and succinctly.

For example, disease-related information can be structured through enlisting its conditions, symptoms, and treatments.


A sensitive matter as health should not be compromised with. Make sure your content is well-researched and evidence-based. Include hyperlinks and information from authorized health care websites to assure your viewers of the integrity of the information you provide.

  • Well-branded Design

Your website should be a reflection of the essence of your business. Using a distinct logo and consistent branding will leave a distinct impression on your customers and help them remember your brand and who you are. A well-branded website is a key to building trust and credibility. Likewise, to boost your search results, appoint a trusted SEO Company to magnify audience reach and market your services adequately.

  • Dashboard features

Users are more likely to enjoy prominent, easy-to-navigate dashboard features that they can avail to track their growth, especially vis-a-vis health management progress.

This should contain user data, recovery progress, and an account of the user's activities. Make sure to make this section visually appealing as that has a greater chance of impacting the users. An experienced Web Design Company can help you with design and layout ideas for a quality user experience.

  • Activity Feed Feature

It will help you track the frequency with which a user visits the app, which sections they visit the most, and points of relevance relating to their user activities. It is a common aspect of fitness and rehabilitation apps.


  • Listing Features

It could either display a list of search results or show your lists of appointments at a hospital, clinic, or private health care facility. Apps that help you fetch doctor contacts should always have such features.

  • Booking Features

Suppose your website intends to include appointment booking facilities for private checkups or video conferencing options with doctors. In that case, an easy-to-use booking feature is bound to enhance the user experience. Additionally, this should include pertinent information regarding doctor availability, hours, and other information so that the user can avail themselves easily without requiring third-person mediation. Get in touch with an experienced Website Design Company in Kolkata, India now to guide you through the process or hand over the project to their skilled professionals for a positive outcome.

  • FAQs

Brief, nuanced FAQs addressing a range of questions should be incorporated as it helps to supplement your authority on a subject matter. FAQs are a common implementation of all websites, but they are indispensable nonetheless.

Some Prospering Medical Websites with Versatile Design Ideas

  • Mayo Clinic's website features a wealth of comprehensive medical information that is compelling and easy to understand. In addition to essential disease-related information and guides, the site includes descriptions of drugs, expert blogs, tests and procedures, symptom checkers, and healthy living guides.


  • The Centura Health website uses simple, straight-forward navigation alongside employing a clear display of the search function positioned at the center of the home page. It greatly enhances the user experience and successfully engages potential customers. Also, the site uses large, bright fonts that not only stand out but also ease reading for visually impaired users.


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