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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
8 Table lamp Designs That Enhance Your Interior Design Quality

8 Table lamp Designs That Enhance Your Interior Design Quality

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Wed, Aug 4, 21, 00:28, 3 Months ago
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If you have ever had a table lamp in your room, you must know how they upgrade the look instantly.

And if you have not had one, this is just the right time!

Like everything else related to interior design, Interior fit out companies in Dubai have remodeled table lamps. Table lamps have transformed into pieces of abstract art from simple cylindrical table lamps shades with round bottoms. You can find table lamps in a versatile range according to your budget and light up your room gorgeously.

All White

All white is always a safe bet. Whether you have a dark or light-colored room, white lamp shades look great in both. They give your room a neat, sophisticated appearance. You can choose between a white shade with a contrasting lamp body and an all-white lamp. Depending on your preferences, there are numerous white lamp shade designs to choose from. When you don't have anything specific in mind, go with white and see how it brightens up the entire interior.


Hand-painted shades are new to the table lamp world, but they can make their mark easily. Painted table lamps are the best way to personalize your lamp and match it to your interior perfectly. It allows you to choose the design of your choice with the colors that match your room's interior. Not only, adding hand-painted lamps make them stand out, but it lets you relive old moments every day. Get your pet painted on the shade, or opt for a scene that reminds you of a precious moment.

If you feel like the paints would fade over time, you can also opt for printed lamp shades.


Scandinavian-style lamps are quite popular on study tables, but who says you have to restrict them! It can be a unique idea to have a Scandinavian-style lamp by your bedside. The ability to adjust the height and structure of the lamp makes it the best choice, especially if you are an avid reader. You can use it as a reading lamp or a night lamp as per need.

Orb Shaped Bedside Table Lamp

These Orb-shaped table lamps can be a cute addition to your sophisticated bedroom design to make it look beautiful. You can get them personalized in colors of your choice to match your interior. You can set them towards the bed or away from it depending on how much light you want near you.

Flos IC

Flos IC table lamps are a display of gorgeous table lamps made of brass. Available in two forms, IC T1 and IC T2, these table lamps have a statement look of a floating orb shape. The lamp looks like the orb is floating in the air without any support. They are an excellent choice for modern bedrooms with gold and bronze interiors to complement the overall look. Flos IC T2 is taller and more suitable for those who like heightened lamps in the bedroom.


Tripod stands are among the most popular choices among Interior fit out companies in Dubai and the customers. They are among the safest choices that offer a contemporary look without overdoing it. You can easily get a tripod bedside lamp designed in your choice to add a different element to the interior.


If you want to opt for something unique and versatile, do not miss the bamboo design table lamp for your bedroom. The bamboo-style table lamp allows you to have two designs in one. Place it vertically or horizontally according to your need and mood to have a specific kind of illumination. The light-weighted bamboo is the perfect choice for those who like portable lamps.

Curl Table Lamp

Sebastian Bergne's curl lamp is made with state-of-the-art technology and made to amaze your guests. They have a dimmer and diffuser in their base to adjust the light according to mood. You will not want to go for any other kind of table lamp if this iconic table lamp goes well with your room's interior.


Interior fit out companies in Dubai offer various table lamps to match your choice and needs. If you are unsure about what to get for your room, connect to Exotic Interior Studio and get help from expert interior designers anytime.

Happy decorating!



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