8 Brilliant Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Wearing expensive clothes, opting for the costliest brand of cosmetics and going in for regular pampering sessions at the salon isn’t enough, for it is the beauty hacks that work the actual magic. Well, these are simple tricks that every girl needs to know about for these can help enhance your beauty quotient in an effective manner like never before.

Ladies, here are the top 8 brilliant beauty hacks that every girl should know:

  • Use Petroleum Jelly to Avoid Mascara Clumps: Pure petroleum jelly can help do away with mascara clumps in the most effective manner. Whenever you are in a rush, or you are to attend a high class professional meet or a high profile party, let not those mascara clumps spoil your looks, instead choose to apply a little of petroleum jelly on the lashes before applying mascara to avoid mascara clumps in the most easiest way.
  • Ditch the Chemical Hair Dyes: Buy Hair Colour that talk of organic magic like that of the Indigo Hair Dye. Organic hair dyes like that of Indigo Hair Dye comes with a plethora of benefits as a hair colour. It works as much more than any ordinary chemical hair dye and is free from any kind of damaging effects like that of the chemical hair colours. So, Buy Hair Colour that is free from any kind of dangerous chemicals, harsh metals or any kind of synthetic additives for the matter like that of Indigo Hair Dye that makes for a completely natural hair dye and is extracted from the leaves of the Indigo plants. Therefore, Buy Hair Colour like that of Indigo Hair Dye that make for this amazing natural hair dye that can yield a variety of rich and classy shades when mixed with henna in required proportions. Indigo Hair Dye also caters to a number of hair and scalp issues in an absolutely organic manner. For fuller, thicker and stronger tresses of enigmatic shades Buy Hair Colour that talks of organic magic.
  • No More Frizz: Do away with frizz as you poke a dryer sheet through that favourite hair brush before brushing your tresses.
  • Goodbye Cracked Heels: In the fast paced times of everyday life, it isn’t possible to get yourself foot spas and treatments every now and then at the salon, so just rub some Vaseline everyday before going to bed and then throw on your old pair of socks. This gets your softer feet and effectively heals those cracks in the endeavour to get you beautiful feet in an easy way.
  • Use Eyeliner to Get Some Nail Art: Use liquid eyeliner to draw cute and charming shapes and designs as you get treated to some excellent nail art right at the comfort of your home and remember to let it dry before you apply the top coat.
  • Save The Mascara: Once you notice that your mascara has dried up, then a few drops of saline can be an excellent hack. This saves your mascaras and you can use it thereafter.
  • Use Almond Oil To Darken Eyebrows And Eyelashes: Get darker eyebrows and eyelashes as you rub a little bit of Almond oil on them on a regular basis. Yes, it is as simple as that.
  • Use Coconut Oil to Get Beautiful Lips: Rub some Indus Valley coconut oil on the lips on a daily basis and witness for yourself the magical results it yields. The essential goodness of coconut oil can get you beautiful lips in the most natural manner.

Follow these super easy and super cool top 8 beauty hacks and we are sure that you are to love them to the core.

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