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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
8 Useful Mobile App Development Tips for Developers

8 Useful Mobile App Development Tips for Developers

Fri, Sep 17, 21, 01:34, 1 Month ago
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Are you considering and rolling out an amazing mobile app development this year in the market? Congratulations! You have done what most people are scared to do. Statistics show that almost one-quarter of businesses are doing the same thing. That means yours has to be pretty remarkable, or it won't hold out from the rest. 

To make sure that your Mobile Application needs to work at the start of the process of development, then you need to follow some essential steps that are required in 2021.

Here are some Mobile App Development Tips to ensure that your app project achieves the realm of fame.

At least make it look good.

What’s pretty to the fashionistas isn’t necessarily attractive to the Tough and hardcore business professional but to know your audience and cater to their tastes.

 “If you can't make it good, at least make it look good” - Bill Gates

I stated the quote by not just some millionaire and He is a billionaire, the most famous person on Earth. This means UI matters more than we thought. Because when the first-time users will come to your website. They will notice your app design and then some features.

You will see a lot of guidance to “build a beautiful app”. But what does that mean? You cannot create the same application for iOS and Android and think they will look attractive to them.

Similarly, if you are a fan of Apple company or any famous brand, you will get bored if they produce the same result every time. Be sure they design your app with your end users’ personalities and tastes in mind.

Before you work out your apps, take a step back, learn how your point-out platforms work, and complete your branding by solving their requirements.

Stop reuse code for the UI

There is more of a rule of thumb of 100% code reuse. While that is an admirable goal for the logic portion of the app. But if you want to apply this to every part of a project, that is weak. The same rule especially should not apply to the UI. It weakens your design endeavors too much.

Users will get bored if they see the same thing over and over. Of course, many users think this is the aim of a cross-platform is reusing the code, but that is misplaced and is the target of a Web browser. High reusability, not for application.

Let your developers have free control by designing the looks and interaction part of the application.

Think Both Form & Function

A pretty app is vital for a company or online user, but it only gets you so far. The application also has to be spontaneous, easy to use, responsive, and secure to navigate.

How simple is it for the user to find the most often sought news or informational data?

How comfortable is it for them to get support if they request it? 

Do not let an attractive design be an excuse for a sloppy user experience.

Enable and Offline Experience

Depending on the nature and content of the app, you will want to make at least some of the functionality available even when there is no Internet connection available. Determine what data we can store on the device to empower a decent user experience without connectivity.

Build a sharing mechanism on your app

Users who are happy with your app can be one of the most potent elements of your marketing campaign. Make them a way to share options in it, so they share with others. You can normally reach audiences this way that you may think it is impossible to connect with otherwise.

Breaking into smaller markets is not the only option

Making your app famous in the Top 25 in the UK or US is undoubtedly an honor, but that is not the only method to gain a successful app launch. Don’t ignore the potentiality for breaking into the Top 25 in the smaller markets, Like in South America and Asia countries. Having these continents can also make your app worth it and it is an excellent way to get recognized in the larger markets and gain some average money.

Test like User Skill Levels

When checking a new app development project, it is necessary to test with clients' minds or hire a client to analyze his advice to make sure that your tech is catchy, user friendly, and helpful for them. Testing with them of all skill levels, educational levels, and backgrounds to be sure your UI works for everyone.

Use a variety of devices

Never neglect tablet users. If you want to increase users and also want them to use your app on their tablets, you will need to test almost on all devices. A tablet experience differs from even the largest smartphones. 

As your mobile application will have both cross-platform and platform-special code and features, make it clear you test often. Don’t use days operating on the Android version, then eventually run it on iOS and observe 

  • the object settings are off
  • the fonts need adjustment
  • the app completely crashes on load.

My suggestion is to test repeatedly; if something blows on one platform, you can instantly identify the issue.

If you test your application on both operating systems, that doesn’t mean it completes the testing phase. Be sure to test on a wide selection of smart devices, from the Galaxy S series to the gigantic Huawei and everything in between.

Bonus tips

New OS updates

Be it Android or iOS, updates are necessary. An important update occasionally changes the complete landscape and if your app cannot reach the requirements, it would be a huge issue.

If you stick around up-to-date, you can still help counter the problems listed on the platform with the freshest releases. Look at the change notes that catch the potential concerns that will hurt your success.


The right people

Successful mobile application development depends entirely on the developers or the team. You should always be encouraged to hire only IOS or an Android developer who has professionals in at least one specialized technology.

It is more suitable to hire Android developers with experience in producing high-quality smartphone apps than searching for someone who has an uncertain blend of knowledge across many technologies.

If you hired a weak developer to save some pennies, you get the result just like pennies. Of course, they will deliver their work and deploy it on the terms, but to create a great application, you need to hire a professional mate.!



We hope all the given suggestions are helpful and assist you towards a successful mobile application development solution.

Do you have a killer app idea? With some careful preparation at the start of your project, your app can be on a top list upon release.



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