6 Must Have Research Tools For Writing A Phd Dissertation

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Writing a PhD dissertation has become a great challenge, which demands high attention and focuses with critical evaluation at every step. Are you worried about data collection, organization, analysis and plagiarism, because you lack in information about these phases? Also, there can be another problem which is related to data citation. Now, there is no need to worry about any of such things. Furthermore, you have to understand that hard work is not the only way to get success; the best end results demand smart work too. That is why, you should learn the ways to deal with such phases by using smart tools, which reduce errors up to a great extent in no time. So, this article aims to discuss research tools which can help you in writing a PhD dissertation.

Which 6 Research Tools Can Help You In Writing a PhD Dissertation?

Some of the most effective research tools are mentioned below, which can make the task of writing a PhD dissertation a piece of cake:


Sometimes you pay high prices for some journals and high-quality papers. However, they often fail to help you effectively. Thus, you must know useful information about things you are paying for. But the main issue here is that you only allow seeing abstracts before buying. So, buy the full-text paper by just reading that abstract. After that, you find out it was of no use. DeepDyve allows you to read and access whole papers for a certain period. In this way, you can figure out if this paper will be useful or not for writing a PhD dissertation.


It is a browser tool that can be very helpful for writing a PhD dissertation. It can help you find the right data for your research, rearrange it, save it and share it with others. The research written work and information must be supported through proper references. This tool produces these references automatically. There are many tutorials available on the internet that can help you use this tool efficiently.

Click Up

Clickup is a cloud-based collaboration tool for several projects of different sizes. The amazing features of Clickup can help you in writing a PhD dissertation and making an assignment or other completing project. Here, you can find a template of the Gantt chart, and there is no need to design a whole new sheet. By selecting a template of your choice, you can mould it as per your requirement. When working on the sheet of Gantt chart provided by ClickUp, you can target specific aspects of a research project. It includes information related to blockers and other dependencies. When working on ClickUp, you can make a Gantt chart with different color codes. If the reader is well aware of color codes, it would be easy to understand the nitty and gritty of the chart. Here, three colors are used to present three phases of a research project as mentioned below;

  • Open task
  • In progress task
  • Complete task
  • Google Sheets 

Google sheets can also be used for planning or writing a PhD dissertation. When using Google sheets, you need to set a plan that has a spreadsheet. Here, you can insert all the information about the dissertation. Furthermore, it allows you for group collaboration. In this case, you can lock or unlock information based on the requirement.


It can manage the citations of your dissertation Microsoft Word. Navigate to the plug-in reference tab in MS Word; click it and add the sources manually to generate references. Its main feature is that it saves time, and you can easily add citations while writing a PhD dissertation. It provides more than 8000 citation formats. If you are running short with time, you can get assistance from PhD dissertation help.


A popular citation tool lets you cite sources within your dissertation. It has an automatic feature, which means you can generate bibliographies automatically and change them if needed. EndNote is a reference management tool which manage the bibliography or references you collect when you analyze and select the data for your research. It will help provide a credible source for your thoughts and builds a connection with your content. The readers will be able to analyze whether the content is authentic or not. This tool is beneficial and accommodating when you need to organize the source in your dissertation. Also, it is best bet to increase research credibility.

BibMe Citation Generator:

It is an online tool that makes adding citations more convenient. When you need to check your paper before submitting it, use BibMe. It is an automatic bibliography generator tool that provides different styles of formatting. It offers you to use the auto-citation function to put all the reference data or do it manually. 

It also offers more than 7000 citation styles and checks the content for grammatical mistakes. It also identifies whether your paper has any plagiarised content or not. It automates the name of different referencing sites up to 22. So, you can come up with effect research while writing a PhD dissertation.

Furthermore, it eases your work by helping you put relevant references in your documents. A dissertation is a lengthy task; you must ensure that you reference the sources used whenever you use other authors’ data. Research is based on collecting information from other sites and using it to support your research idea. It is a long process, but BibMe citation generator smooths things for you. It is an online tool that is helpful for you to add information like author name, title and dates to generate references according to the specified style. This generator also allows you to add correct citations to your content according to the specified format. One of the main features of BibMe citation generator is that it manages many bibliographies while maintaining the proper format. BibMe citation generator is used while writing a PhD dissertation, research papers, academic research and other academic documents.

Concluding lines:

From the above-mentioned research tools, no one is difficult to use. You can easily learn all of these research tools for writing a PhD dissertation and generate compelling results which can contribute well to solving a particular problem. 

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