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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
5 Questions You Need to Ask a Mobile App Developer in Interview

5 Questions You Need to Ask a Mobile App Developer in Interview

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Tue, Aug 17, 21, 18:05, 5 Months ago
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5 Questions You Need to Ask a Mobile App Developer in Interview?

Nowadays, you will see mobile app development agencies everywhere. These agencies are always ready to welcome you and take your hard-earned bread. And this is not necessary if a company is charging you more. Then it means they are good at their work. 

You can easily be prey to any of these agencies as they are masters of words. They can easily trap you, and you will not have any other choice but to start a business with them. These agencies will present the world in a tray like a beautiful desert. So, this is necessary for you to do your pre-planning and have some idea about the app development agencies. Once you get the idea of how things work, then you can start to work with one.

So, this is necessary for you to choose the right app developer in Los Angeles and an individual to spend your money on. This will save your money, time, and of course, the hard-earned cash if you do not have any knowledge of how this thing works. You do not need to worry at all. This blog will explain what you look for in a development agency or an individual. We shall provide you with some questions, and you can take a view from them.


Question 1: May I see the apps you've already created?

The first and foremost is, of course, whom you will plan to approach for your project. If in case you plan to choose an agency. The first thing that you should inquire about is their priorities. Then, you must ask them about their portfolio if they have a prominent number of clients and an extensive portfolio. Then you do not need to worry, and you can work with them without putting too much pressure on your mind.

You may find out some agencies that have the technological edge. However, in the development process, there is no alternative for experience and results. Therefore, the agencies or the individual should show their portfolio if they have built some. This is the most crucial factor you should keep in your mind. This will determine that if you should invent with that particular agency or individual.

If your desire agency does not have any previous work to show. Or the correct number of reliable clients. Then this is a clear sign for you to step away and save your money going into vain. We can give one more piece of advice in addition to choosing the right mobile app development agency. You can browse the particular company and find out their online reviews. This will give a good idea about the agency.


Question 2: May I Speak with Some of Your Past Clients Whose Apps Were in the Same Industry as Mine?

This is an essential query to raise. First, you should ask or talk to the previous clients about the agency. This will give you a broad view of that agency or an individual looking for app development in Los Angeles. Then this will provide you with a clearer picture of the company. Finally, getting feedback from past clients will give an actual image of the company. And this will give you more freedom to choose and think a little more about the company.

You can inquire from these clients about the agency's behavior. For example, how did the agency do with its projects? How much committed were they to the deadlines? And most importantly, how well they behaved during the process. And able to disseminate the message in an easy, proper, and professional way.

Question 3: What Is Your Application Development Process?

It would be best if you only worked with a company that specializes in agile development. These companies or individuals strive to complete their tasks more efficiently. This way, they try to achieve a much better approach to the minimum viable product (MVP).

If you are passionate to know about the app development agency and the individual. You must analyze how well the agency performs in its tough time. Or how they tackled the crisis cycle. You can witness how much time they took to complete the most complex projects. And how they manage to get over it and complete their tasks. This way, you will be able to dig more about the company.

These factors will give you immense power to make your decision. They will let you understand to choose a reliable company. Who knows how to do work and pull out the work? And how to provide the best results to their customers.


Question 4: How Skilled Are Your Developers Who'll Be Working on My App?

You may find the logo and social media of the company very attractive and appealing. But what about their developers, do you have any idea about them? You must know if that app development agency that you will choose has the right team. 

These developers should be able to make your desired app with your specific functionalities and features. You'll almost certainly want to incorporate reviews and ratings into the app in some way. 

If you are unable to find an experienced app developer. Just keep looking for it, or at least the inexperience will tell you about the process a little bit. Then you can take that little feedback and find a developer on that provided information basis.

On that particular information, you can inquire the agency about the developer's portfolio. 


  1. Ask for the developer's contact details.
  2. Ask about the work and education history or hobbies related to work.
  3. You can ask for past work as a developer.
  4. Any major or specific projects a developer has done individually or with any company.
  5. Skills related to the field.
  6. You can also ask for the personal projects of developers to withness his skills range.
  7. Any specific diploma if he has related to the app development. 
  8. You can also ask for his social media links, especially LinkedIn, to see how he behaves on social media.
  9. Last but not least, ask the developer's professional resume.


Question 5: Do You Follow Coding Standards and Utilize a Framework?

Ideally, you should choose an agency that follows the coding standards. Your chosen agency should be using web application frameworks. The framework is a well-organized web-applications for a coding system. Developers can work efficiently and quickly to complete any project with this coding framework system. In addition, they can use reliable galleries, elements, and tools to maintain code maintainability.

This is very important to know for you if your shortlisted company follows this standard or not. If not, then you should avoid working with that company. You cannot afford any disorganized company to cost your time, efforts, and your money. So, we hope that now with all this said, and you will be able to choose the right company or individual for yourself.


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