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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
5 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Sofa as New

5 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Sofa as New

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Wed, Jul 28, 21, 18:51, 3 Months ago
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Sofas can be an excellent investment in your home. Therefore, they require maintenance to keep in top shape. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning are the best way to keep your sofa look as good as new, even after using them for years. However, you can use many other tricks to keep your sofas in top shape and prolong their lifespan. Here are five cleaning hacks to keep your sofa as new

Use recommended cleaning materials

The first thing you need to do is check to see if you have the recommended cleaning materials. Do not just buy scrubbing brushes and other cleaning detergents without checking if they are compatible for use with your sofa. For instance, you may want to check if your sofa can be vacuumed before vacuum-cleaning it. This helps you prolong its lifespan and keep it in good condition. So using recommended materials for sofa cleaning is also very important.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Regardless of the type of sofa you own, vacuum cleaning will always help you remove all the dust and dirt. Vacuuming is also an excellent cleaning hack before you apply liquids on your sofa. If your sofa is made of fabric, vacuuming helps prevent grim when you use liquid washing materials. Grim removal is very challenging and can be costly. ‘

If you have a leather sofa, vacuuming helps remove most dirt. Vacuuming is the best way to remove hidden dirt and dust from your sofa. Accordingly, you can also use a soft brush to improve your results.

Use a scrubbing brush to restore colour

If you are worried about fading sofa colours, use a scrubbing brush to wipe it off for some minutes. This helps loosen the fibres and remove accumulated dust. At the end of the day, you should be able to restore the original colour of your sofa, making it look new. However, this is only possible if dust accumulation is the reason for fading.

Use cushions to preserve the shape

With extensive use, your sofa cushion may start losing its shape. To prevent this, make sure you fluff your sofa cushions frequently. Additionally, make sure you wash all removable cushion clothing. Lastly, you should consider flipping the removable parts to prevent excessive wear and tear on one side. Washed and fluffed cushions look great on your sofa.

Use paper tape to remove pet hair

If you are a pet lover, you will know that pet hair can be a challenge when cleaning your sofa and the entire living space. To add to that, even vacuum cleaners cannot pull out all the fur from your couch. Your best bet should be on paper tape to remove all the pet hairs from your sofa. You can do this by wrapping a piece of paper tape around your palm and tapping gently against the sofa fabric to attract fur.


These easy cleaning hacks will help keep your sofa new and in top shape. However, you may need deep sofa cleaning services to remove deep-lying dust and dirt once in a while. In this case, make sure you get a professional upholstery cleaning company to get the job done.



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