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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
5 Best Tools to Make a Logo for Free

5 Best Tools to Make a Logo for Free

Mon, Jul 26, 21, 01:55, 3 Months ago
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Before starting this article, I would like to make it clear that at no time am I trying to cannibalize the work of design professionals. However, I understand that there are many small entrepreneurs who at the beginning will not be able to afford to hire a professional to make their logo despite I personally consider that this decision will cost them more, I feel that it is also worth considering the tools that I am going to mention below.

Making a logo is undoubtedly an important job. Many things depend on them in your business, such as the image you want to project, what audience you want to sell to, what do you want to communicate. As I already mentioned, the beginning of such a fundamental pillar of any endeavor is worth hiring a professional to help us in this first but important step.

However, on the Internet, many free tools will allow us to make wolves with a fairly professional finish, serving us at the beginning of our undertaking. These tools also cannot help present a better idea to a design professional, so he finishes giving you a professional look we need.

Best 5 logo makers to use online




DesignEvo is a free tool to create logos, with a wide variety of templates arranged in different categories, where you will surely get something you like. The interface is very concise and easy to use. It has more than 10,000 well-organized logo templates for people from all walks of life. Besides, it allows you to its search engine to find your templates correctly. So, with its powerful editing tools and massive resources, you can easily design your logo in minutes.




Canva is undoubtedly a tool that causes love in many people and hates many others. However, objectively, it is a very professional tool that will allow us to create visually attractive content easily and for free. Pose application for mobile devices and a compelling web interface that will allow us to do many things. Can not only allows us to analyze logo but also content for social networks and print; however, the latter I do not recommend at all since one of the great cons of this website is that it does not have the ability to export material in high resolution or formats vectors which are necessary for some circumstances.

If you intend to start a web page on social networks and you need a quick logo, without a doubt, I have to recommend that you visit Canva and try some of their wonderful templates made by professionals.




FreeLogoDesign It is a free-to-use tool that will allow you to create a logo in a few minutes quickly and easily. Many templates within this website will allow us to create a fairly simple logo that will not work if we do not have many requirements. However, with enough dedication, we can achieve quite professional results that will work perfectly for us.




Namecheap's logo maker is designed to help small business owners. Whether you are launching a new business, opening a restaurant, this simple tool will give you everything you need to create instant brand recognition. Namecheap offers a free logo maker quite popular worldwide because it offers varied and visually appealing designs.




And finally, we have Hatchful, a Shopify tool to create free logos. Their templates are very varied and attractive, and in general, you will achieve a fairly good result with a professional appearance.




I hope you have liked my recommendations. Remember that no free tool will be able to replace the skill of a professional in the end. However, these well-used tools can generate quite good results that can help you in the early stages of your business.


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