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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
4 Kurtis that go with Jeans

4 Kurtis that go with Jeans

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Wed, Jul 28, 21, 05:06, 3 Months ago
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If you are having a hard time just putting on ethics or just wearing casuals and wanting to mix them both, this is the time to create your look. You know jeans for women is a go-to comfort outfit, but not always can that be the need of the situation if you do not have the sense to fit it in. So be it your office, your shopping days, or a small house party Kurti and jeans can do wonders only if you know the right combination of it. 


Here’s a list of 4 Kurti and jeans combinations that you can consider when you wish to wear a blended outfit. 


  • Long Kurti with jeans: The combination of jeans and Kurti isn’t a new revelation because this particular outfit is timeless. The combination of long Kurti and jeans is unique, so it attracts more people now. Sheer elegance this specific outfit can be a show fit for an informal office party at any time of the day. Long Kurtis come in different varieties, and you can categorise them as traditional long Kurtis and shirt type Kurtis. Both these Kurtis can be long, and you can pair them with jeans. If you plan to choose the traditional ones for your informal office party, then make sure that you select the long-sleeved one. Office parties are not late nights one so high chances that you will not get time to go home, change into something else and then come back. Instead, you will have to straightaway go to the party from your office, yet if it’s a party, pretty sure you will not want to look like you have walked out of the conference hall. So, a long-sleeved traditional Kurti fits the situation. You can put it on in the morning, work for the whole day and still be comfortable. Having varieties of dress materials, you can choose the traditional Kurti With with a lustrous finish and not regular day wear. Do not forget those women who do not prefer wearing Kurtis that much and still have to when their office demands it. If you choose shirts and trousers and your office has an ethnic day where you ought to put on a Kurti, you don’t need to worry. There’s this style of Kurti that comes in a shirt type design. They are long like the traditional ones, have a shorter sleeve and have a fabric that’s the same as formal shirts. You can choose that when you are asked to put on a Kurti and still be in comfort. 


  • Playful short Kurti: A long day in college and many internals and assignments want comfort that you can get in this outfit. Playful yet straightforward, this makes your college appearance breezy. 


  • Long slit Kurtis: This particular Kurti looks its best if you want to give a western touch to your ethnic party. If you feel the most comfortable in jeans no matter what the occasion is, then, in that case, selecting a long slit heel length Kurti and jeans will work the best for an ethnic party. 


  • Front slit long frocks: If you are confused about what to wear between a long dress or a long frock style Kurti because jeans are something you want to keep intact to your outfit, then the latter is the best way to pair the preference and the comfort together. 


Your preference is your comfort:

No matter what you do and where you go, and what occasion you are invited in, staying in your comfort wear is highest in your priority list, then you can stick to these combinations of kurtis and jeans.


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