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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
12 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas - Trends and Ideas in 2021

12 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas - Trends and Ideas in 2021

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Sat, Jun 26, 21, 17:13, 4 Months ago
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12 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas - Trends and Ideas in 2021


– Gleaming and stylish designs that bring joy to, your own personal and comfort zone, your bedroom –


The bedroom is the only room in the house where you can purely reflect your own taste and 100% personal style. Most of us spend our free time in our bedroom – where we rest, relax physically and mentally, and feel most secure.


Especially in the past year and a half when the pandemic uplifted the normal back then and set a daily level of concern, we understood the need to having a taste of ourselves in our bedroom in order to enjoy our time there and feel the calmness we search for, at certain minutes.


For that, the design industry in 2021 had a lot of work done to come up with trends and ideas for home design – that stay relevant for as long as possible. For bedrooms, they resonated the trends and ideas around neutral, classic, and trendy touches – that smoothly put the person in the bedroom in a relaxation mode.


The purpose is to keep the essence of the environment and befriend it with our today. Keeping all materials used, to form the design, environmentally friendly. This is of more relevance today. As for the combinations, we will present the combination texture ideas which you can choose from.


Here are 12 Modern Bedroom Design Trends in 2021 for you to look at. Remember, we are presenting designer bedrooms ideas for you to get inspired – but this room should only bring pleasure to you, so make sure to settle your own perfect fit for a satisfying stay.


Idea#1 The Universally Beloved


Sea blue and white with a pinch of light wood, what a combination! This is the exact meaning of your bedroom being a sanctuary. The blue color is naturally soothing and is one of the most popular. Dare to use it in all its shades as it will give many-sided tranquility – but don’t overuse or you’ll lose the whole look.


Idea#2 The Botanical Living Bedroom


A botanically, plants related, inspired bedroom is simply a “living bedroom”. You feel that life is circulating in there due to the over-presence of greeneries. The room will feel a fresh-vibrant look – and believe me, it will help us grow indeed and feel more alive! You may choose to have this theme by getting the plants in, keep the walls in white and play with the lighting to feel the variation of colors radiating on your white walls, and meditate day and night.


Idea#3 Exotic Wooden Bedroom


Exotic wood theme is a décor on its own and doesn’t require any add-on. A good way to apply a wood theme over a whole bedroom is by having a wooden floor, walls and, ceiling. This theme, and any wooden-based theme, gives an essence of an earthy style that will trigger one’s creativity.


Idea#4 Blooming In Style


An addition of artistically painted flowers on the main bedroom wall will turn the space into something really lovely! What if the combination of the colors is just the right one, it would be an out-of-this-world design! This is one of the top designer bedroom ideas which you definitely need to consider among your choices.


Idea#5 The Autumn Look


To get the autumn look, follow a comfy warm palette and add some blankets. Within the autumn pallet, you may have a base of wooden bed, white or, beige chair or puff. Choose a stylish wreath or hand a ceiling chandelier that goes well with the style to twist the ambiance at night.


Idea#6 The Perfect Setting

White furniture with white walls might seem cold and soulless if not combined with the right pop color. Mulberry purple would be a great pair over a white setting. Use it for pillows, rugs and, curtains to keep your bedroom neatly highlighted.


Idea#7 The Neat Never Out-Of-Date Theme

Beige got wings again today and it is a supreme color to design your bedroom around. You may mix it with tinted white, sky-blue, and pale orange colors. The perfect furniture to pair those colors with is light wood. What is very important to consider in such a theme is the lighting, either natural or artificial – whatever is feasible in your case.


Idea#8 The Classic Combination

For a good reason, the white and black theme is always a great combination. Both are strong colors, put them together and accessorize with layers of colors – such as pillows, rugs, and curtains. The whole style will prove its self. It will put you in a feeling of mind-clarity with happy vibes coming from the color pitches.


Idea#9 The One-Tone With Led

If you prefer to keep your bedroom design simple, that’s fine. Keep it one-toned and add a LED light under your bed to twist the environment at night. It will reflect a color on your floor suspending up to the ceiling.


Idea#10 The Cheerful Allure

Two colors that are a pleasing duo, going well together. They are a concept of uniqueness and fun while giving the bedroom a lively electric feeling. What makes the concept whimsically charming is mixing those colors with crazy traditional-modern furniture.


Idea#11 Flamingo Feel

Choosing a flamingo theme is a good idea as they represent serenity and a contented life – along with the light pink colors that will extend into the bedroom. It may be using flamingo accessories or choosing a wall art that will fill your bedroom. This theme will give some sort of openness to your thoughts.


Idea#12 Natural Sea Green

A refreshing idea for a bedroom is a sea green painted main wall with gold-framed bed and beige layering of textures. This is a great representation of a Modern Stylish Bedroom. Finished with small shiny black lamps as an add-on on the look, along with a stylish black and white carpet. Everything in this room screams “nature”.


~Eliane Abou Serhal



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