11 Effective Ways for Parents to Help Their Child with Academic Anxiety and Stress

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Stress, unfortunately, is a part of everyone’s lives, including school-going teenagers. While a little amount of stress is constructive and can help them perform better, too much of it can be overwhelming and yield negative results. With grades and schoolwork stressors, some students find their school life challenging. Hence, parents must step in and help their kids deal with the pressure.

According to a recent survey, 75% of a student’s stress is generated from their place of education. Be it schools in Baner or other parts of the country, they have a strict curriculum to help the teens prepare for a better life. However, at times, that turns out to be a factor for stress that affects the kid’s mental and physical health. This article helps you to know how you can help your children to do well in school without feeling like being suffocated by the pressure of academics.

Easy ways to help students deal with stress

Don’t dismiss the stress

One mistake parents often make when considering their kids’ stress is to dismiss them and think that one faces “real stress” only as an adult. However, your kid’s stress is no less real. So, instead of being judgmental or dismissing their feelings, have an open conversation. At times, only listening to the other person and giving them the feeling of being heard can help bring down their stress levels.

Cope with it together

As a teenager, your kid is on the cusp of adulthood but isn’t an adult yet. Hence, it would help if you stayed beside them to guide them without controlling their lives. When stress hits, many may lash out in anger, become withdrawn, or, even worse, turn to substance abuse to find a solution. Don’t let that happen. Instead, calm them when they act out and listen to their problems. Then, together find a way to deal with the stressor through different activities like playing a game or going for a short trip.

Make them keep a journal

Writing down their stress and anxiety is a constructive way to help them deal with the pressure. When they track their feelings and experiences, it becomes easier for them to handle a situation that may trigger anxiety.

Physical exercise

If you visit the best CBSE school or any other school, you will notice that they have a wide curriculum for sports. It is to make sure that children get physical activities to stay healthy. However, do you know it is also a way through which your kid can effectively manage stress?

Be their cheerleader

Approval of parents means a lot to a student. So, when your child becomes a teenager, adjust your parenting style accordingly and be their coach or guide. Be a cheerleader who always stays beside them, even when they make mistakes.

Limit screen time

Mobiles and computers have become a part of a student’s daily life. Unfortunately, that is something you cannot change. However, you can always limit their leisurely screen time. Also, ensure they don’t use electronic devices before sleep. Studies suggest that the blue light from the devices interferes with sleep, which can induce stress.

Coping mechanism

Find out the activities that relax your child and help them feel happy. It can be reading a book, playing with a pet, or simply having a conversation with you. In addition, coping mechanisms help students calm down and regain control without letting stress take over.

Teach to prioritize

Teens can get overwhelmed while trying to manage their academic work at schools in Baner, extra-curricular activities, and personal life together. Work with them to develop a schedule to create a healthy balance. Also, teach them to identify and tackle the most important tasks first rather than trying to handle everything at once.

Maintain good diet

Staying healthy is an important part of a stress-free lifestyle. Make sure you teach them how to take care of their body and also their mental health. Alongside, ensure they get adequate sleep at night and follow a well-balanced diet.


Talking to themselves can do wonders for your kid. Teach them how to address their stress when alone and combat them with positive self-talk statements.

Breathing exercises

There are simple and easy breathing exercises that you should teach your kid to combat stress. Also, find various strategies to practice mindfulness and encourage your kid to try them out.

These are some of the effective ways through which you can help your teen get a grip on academic anxiety and stress.

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