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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
10 Ultimate Steps to Secure Your Linux Shared Hosting Website   

10 Ultimate Steps to Secure Your Linux Shared Hosting Website   

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Thu, Jul 1, 21, 15:48, 4 Months ago
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10 Ultimate Steps to Secure Your Linux Shared Hosting Website   


While setting up a new website, upgrading, and migrating it with a brand’s existing website, safekeeping is likely to be on the topmost category on your priority list. Security hack is very common nowadays, it gives everything you are tempting for. You must have been aware of the unfortunate truth behind it which can be small or big according to the size of your enterprise. It has every measure to be just concerned about the security issues with globally-operated brands. You may see the headlines that focus on the data breaches for established brands like Sony, but the only thing is the startups and small organisations don’t carry these measures to reach such news coverages. Linux hosting is an outstanding hosting service that caters to the needs of its clients upon every security concern. Let’s discuss the security steps to save your website which is being hosted on a Shared Linux Hosting. 



Why Do Websites Get Hacked?

Before discussing the security measures, we need to simply understand the website hackings. Have you ever tried to know about any website which is hacked? Did you ever think of the reasons behind it? The most important part to keep in mind with your website is the security that hackers artistically don’t choose about the site they are going to hack. While a specific organisation or a government website is targeted by hackers over a matter or a challenge, in most cases the website they are going to hack is done at random. Hackers often use a script which they board on the chosen website for some common vulnerabilities. 


How to Keep Your Website Secure on Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux Shared hosting is the best hosting in India. It gives you the tested security measures and saves your website from hackers. Linux Shared Hosting India is known for its brilliant customer service network that allows you to keep every information about your website secured with the help of linux cpanel hosting. It is where you can have full control over all your administrative jobs. This linux cpanel hosting is built specifically to secure your website where you can take the control of every single thing on your website. That is why Linux shared hosting is known as the best Linux Shared hosting in India. 


While Linux Shared hosting provider puts in great efforts and expenses to keep your data secured, it means that all the responsibility falls under you to ensure your confidential data remains secure. Summarizing the above, when you have chosen the best Linux Shared hosting for your site, here we are explaining the list of ten rundowns of what you need to do to enhance the protection. 


1. Reinforce the Outdated Software 

If you have a custom website or the content management system as WordPress, you simply need to keep all the contents and scripts up to date with the software. Some patches often address the security issues found in an old version and if you fail to update them, your website will run on a vulnerable track where hackers can attack it. Here you need to be sure about the extensions, plugins, shopping carts, applications, and even the templates that are indulged in the regular updates and safe maintenance to eliminate the vulnerabilities. 


2. Creating a Password Policy 

If your site is being hosted by a Shared Linux Hosting, a strong password policy plays a significant role to save it from hacker attacks. It avoids intrusions from a brute force attack. This password policy should be updated after a specific time. It should address the number of key factors which include the complexity of the password. 


3. Domain Privacy 

Linux hosting always provides you domain privacy if it is hosting your website on a shared server platform with special Linux Shared hosting plans. While this domain privacy doesn’t seem like a critical security issue, hackers can slightly steam your information. This domain privacy is just like a mask for the data of a website. 


4. Anti-Virus Software

Your computers and desktop should be equipped with all updated anti-virus software in sequence to protect your website’s data. The anti-virus software can prevent the malicious programs that run on your computer as key-loggers or Trojans. These small applications provide access to your property information to hackers. 


5. Audit for Vulnerabilities 

Since your website may feature a custom code in different forms, an audit is a good idea to perform on a specific course of time. It doesn’t need to be done on your own, always hire a professional who can provide you the instant review on your site and can explain the step-by-step methods to secure your website. There is no software installed on your computer from Linux Shared hosting india. It is good not to have any tool to store your information on your website. 


6. Manual Backups 

Linux Shared hosting india provides you the automated backup wizards but you shouldn’t trust your system to make your data secured. You should do a manual backup for your website data including the complete database. Linux Shared hosting also provides options to host your website under linux cpanel hosting to perform manual backups with Linux Shared Hosting Plans. 


7. Use of CVV & AVS

It is recommended for eCommerce websites if you want to take each extra step to expand the security specifically while it comes to consumer data. But you need to be sure about AVS (Address Verification System) and CVV (Credit Verification Value) fields on checkouts. With this, you can decrease fraudulent attempts. 


8. Multifunctional Authentication 

It is a process where you can increase the steps required to log in. These are additional steps that include all tight controlled applications for strict verification. With the help of it, only a verified account owner can log in with a specific username and password. 


9. Security Plugins 

A cheap Linux Shared hosting always takes the measures to secure your website on a shared hosting server. It provides you the WordPress security plugins to put a strong defense system to fight against hackers. 


10. Review Your Linux Shared Hosting 

Here we will suggest you compare hosting services with other shared hosting services to check the measures the hosting companies put at the server level. For this, you can have a look at reviews of the other Linux shared hosting users. 


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